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We would Like to send out a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone that was a part of the show this year! 
Welcome to the
2016 North Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

The Annual North Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
March 18th & 19th, 2016
Join us next year at the
Clearwater River Casino Event Center
17500 Nez Perce Road
Lewiston, Idaho
 Event Info

Events will include:

  • Free General Admission.
  • Admission Fees for some workshops as announced in the schedule
  • Vendors of Fly Fishing Equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  •  Casting area for games and instruction
  • Live and silent auctions and raffles
  • Featured and roundtable fly tying
  • Conventional Fly casting classes on the grass
  • Spey casting classes (pre-registration required and fees charged)
  • Casting program for Men and Women (beginners and advanced)
  • Beginners class
  • Youth Program
  • Book vendors and author book signing table
  • Other classes and events may be added  
  • Gala Banquet with awarding of the Fly Fisher of the Year Award
  • Prizes, Auctions, Drawings, and more Prizes

At the Registration booth, near the front entrance, you can:

  • Join Kelly Creek Flycasters
  • Register for paid events
  • Purchase banquet tickets
  • Purchase NIFFE 2016 pins and other club merchandise
  • Purchase special edition fly fishing note cards
  • Collect your door prizes and silent auction items. (Please pay for and collect them before end of show).
2015 Committee:
Bob Long, Chairman
Brittany Davenport, Fly Tying
Mike Harlow, Exhibitors
Virginia Foote, Auction / Raffle
Will Godfrey, Marketing / Sponsors / Auctioneer
Kent Henderson, Banquet Manager
Greg Paris, Marketing/ Sponsors
Tina Weathermon, Treasurer / Registration
Al Marshall, Club Booth
Sheryl Monk, Volunteers
Kenny Ray,Programs
Bob Long, Workshops
Mike Shively, Youth Program
Nancy Davison, Printed Program
Brittany Davenport, Web Site
Peg Kingery, Casting Workshops
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